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Who are Spinstars?
Spinstars are our dedicated slot developer team. They are experts in slot building and boast many years of experience in the online gaming industry. We use this experience to create games that we know will appeal to a great audience, and to create a platform that offers all the necessary equipment for our customers to easily implement and use our products.

Our Slot Machines
Our slot machines offer a completely different experience than video slots. Where most casino software focuses on offering video slots, we know from experience that a lot of players are missing the availability of good quality retro slot machine.

Player retention
One of the main differences to the players lies in the fact that slot machines are more interactive than video slots. A typical slot machine will have multiple game modes to choose from, an option to hold reels in place for the next round and the ability to re-wager winnings in sub-games. Players can develop their own style of play, boosting player enjoyment and retention.

Experience it
We don’t just provide ground-breaking graphics, we provide the gameplay to match. We know what makes a slot machine fun and exciting, and we know what make players stick.

Just try one of our slot machines on our games page to experience it!

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